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General Application

Benefits & Perks

Ship early, ship often

We believe in releasing updates early and often to our consumers for live games. We don't overly invest in comprehensive deep & broad features without getting the consumer signals for success first.

We want community involvement and feedback and can only get that by putting our work out there for people to try it and tell us what they think. What's that mean for you? Seeing your work out there, fast!
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Competitive Salaries & Bonuses

Retirement Savings Program

Full Medical, Dental, & Vision

Remote Work

Our driving force is to be the people who are making the most of this incredible opportunity to build the foundations of the way people connect to these virtual worlds.

everyone belongs

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Another Axiom is an Equal Opportunity employer. We believe that our team is successful when the products that we make are built by people that represent our diverse audience.

We are open and share knowledge as much as possible. Context helps us do our jobs to the best of our abilities and we want people to understand the big picture while they work on their specific tasks.

At Another Axiom, we are a flat organization where everyone is a developer. Opportunity and responsibility, in all aspects of development, are available to everyone on our team.

Create the future
of VR Gaming with us