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Gorilla Tag Community Continues to Grow

June 18, 2024

This week, Another Axiom’s executive team—Kerestell Smith, David Neubelt and David Yee—got to celebrate the Gorilla Tag community live, in person and on-stage at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Long Beach, CA. AWE is the largest conference and expo focused on VR, AR, and wearable technology.

In a dedicated fireside chat, “Best Practices in VR Development and What’s Next,” the Another Axiom team discussed what we’ve learned from building and maintaining Gorilla Tag, and how what started as a passion project grew into the sensation it is today.

We shared some new stats and figures from behind the scenes of Gorilla Tag to help illustrate that the time for VR is in fact, here and now. We wanted to share them with you, too, because we know there are so many of you who are just as passionate about our game and the broader VR community as we are.

From AWE - pictured left to right: Malia Probst (Scout House), David Neubelt (Another Axiom), Kerestell Smith (Another Axiom), David Yee (Another Axiom)

Monkes by the hundred-thousands

Gorilla Tag is the most popular game on the Meta Quest Store, and the growth we’re continuing to see is tremendous. Earlier this year we shared that Gorilla Tag became the first app to hit more than 100,000 reviews on the Meta Quest Store, something else we didn’t expect when we created this game. Even now, it’s topped over 111,000 reviews and continues to grow. Our Discord community, where we see fellow Monkes hanging out and interacting every day, has over 350,000 fellow members (wow!).

Monkes by the millions

Gorilla Tag has seen over 1 million daily active users and over 3 million monthly active users and the community continues to grow. In total, we’ve seen over 10 million lifetime players with revenue now totaling over $100 million dollars. More than that, we’re seeing an average of nearly 60 minutes per play session. That’s a lot of Monke!

Looking back at when the idea of Gorilla Tag came to fruition, it’s mind-blowing to think so many people have decided to become Monke with us and joined us on this adventure. We can’t thank our players enough for taking this fun idea and running to the forest with it.

Monkes by the billions

On social media, the Gorilla Tag community is spreading the joy of gathering, playing with friends, and making new ones all around the world within our game. On TikTok alone, #gorillatag has over 10 billion views and continues to grow, with too many fun videos and captures to count.

It doesn’t stop here

Why did we make this game in the first place, you ask? Gorilla Tag was made because we love VR and truly believe in its potential. Unlike other forms of entertainment, VR transports players to new worlds and gives them the keys to become anything they want to be. We love the ‘sky’s the limit’ attitude of VR and our players.

When we first started, we wanted to become Monke because we thought it would be fun, and we love seeing the Gorilla Tag community feel that same sense of fun and community through our game.

That said, we’re so excited about Gorilla Tag's future and can’t wait to share all the fun things we have in store. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow along on TikTok @realgorillatagvr, X @GorillaTagVR and join our Discord community for the latest updates.

As Gorilla Tag grows, we look forward to building on the game and pushing the boundaries of VR and your imagination. The future is incredibly bright!