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The Philosophy and Culture of Another Axiom

May 1, 2023

Creating VR that lives up to the potential of the medium is our ambition at Another Axiom. We feel like we’ve been able to see glimpses of the heights that can be reached through these headsets, and we want to be at the forefront of pushing the industry towards achieving those heights.

We have a plan for how we want to build that takes into account the specific ways people connect with these virtual worlds. While we all have a sense of the kinds of things we wish would exist, the industry has shown that those ideas cannot succeed without taking into account the concrete nature of how people interact with these virtual worlds and the kinds of things that are empirically bringing people back to them.

We think the best way to do this is in a human focused way, both for the design of the game and how we work with our employees. At this point, nobody knows for sure how things should work, or what kinds of ideas will really connect with players. There’s no way for us to figure this out by being inflexible, so we rely on trusting our understanding and the ability of our team to generate, investigate, refine, and ultimately execute on these ideas, through figuring out what is working, what isn’t, how people are playing our games, and what ways we can push the best ideas to the forefront and flesh those out as much as possible.

In the next few years, our goal is to continue to build Gorilla Tag up as one of the premier social VR games, as well as release more games that iterate and expand on the ways that people can play, interact, meet up, and find new communities to be a part of. Our driving force is to be the people who are making the most of this incredible opportunity to build the foundations of the way people connect to these virtual worlds.